Bali, commonly known as the Island of the Gods, offers an experience like no other. Moving about the island, tourists and travellers have long been awed by its sandy beaches, endless coastlines, stepped rice terraces set amidst lush mountains, and ashen volcanic landscapes. All these elements work hand-in-hand to create a picturesque backdrop to its rich and vibrant culture and spirituality. No wonder many a tourist have called Bali ‘Paradise on Earth’, a moniker it truly deserves. For the active traveller, Bali plays host to world-class surfing and diving spots, plus a number of outdoor activities ranging from river rafting to elephant rides. This plethora of activities combined with the more relaxing, spiritual side of Bali is what keeps tourists and travellers coming back time and time again. Bali is one of the world’s most popular island holiday destinations and has won numerous travel related awards over the years.

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